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Do you have problems with damp masonry ? Are you bothered about damp “maps” or mould on the walls ?

  • Is your house not insulated against soil moisture or is this insulation no longer effective ?
  • Do you own a damp house, apartment, cottage, commercial or other premises ? 
  • Are you the owner or administrator of a protected or historical monument affected by soil moisture ?
  • We have a modern solution for you – The electro-physical technology of the DryPol® System.

System DryPol®

We introduce to you a tried-and-tested electronic device for drying and permanent water-proofing of masonry, the DryPol® System.

  • This is unique technological equipment which naturally utilizes properties prevailing in a damp structure affected by soil moisture. Safely, without structural interferences, your building can be relieved of problems related to your damp masonry.
  • Electronically, the device stimulates water in the masonry saturated with mineral salts, interrupts the moisture capillary rise into the building and, after some time of operation, actively drains the moisture back into the subsoil from which it rose into the structure.


The DryPol® System is an ideal solution

The DryPol® System offers an elegant and guaranteed solution to building dampness.

  • The DryPol® System is an ideal solution for buildings which are already occupied, have been rebuilt, provided with heat cladding, or buildings where no other insulation method can be applied owing to the technology of the building, surrounding ground, terrace house-building or its protected status. 
  • After drying out the masonry, it further acts as permanent insulation of the building against soil capillary moisture.
  • The building drying process is gradual; therefore, its statics are not impaired in any way.
  • It is suitable for any type of building, from residential houses, commercial premises, monuments and historical buildings to churches, etc. 
  • The DryPol® System device works for all types of building materials and their combination in the masonry. Thanks to its effect, it can dry out and permanently insulate not only walls, but also floors, basement areas and their floors, as well as building foundations, all of that at the same time ! 
  • The efficiency of this form of masonry insulation is similar to that of common mechanical methods of building insulation, including undercutting or chemical grouting; with the difference being the actual installation excludes the necessity of construction interferences, demolition, chiselling, drilling or any other destructive activities.
  • Thanks to its effect, the DryPol® System device is able to permanently dry out and insulate up to 900 m2 of floor area ( according to the used type of DryPol® System device and the construction technology ).
  • In most cases, the valid formula is : 1x DryPol® System device = One permanently insulated House.
  • It is only necessary to use more of these devices in the case of buildings with large dimensions.​

Upon purchase of the DryPol® System device, We grant the following guarantees :

  • GUARANTEE OF FINANCIAL COMPENSATION ( repurchase of the DryPol® System device ) until the 40th month of the DryPol® System device operation from the installation or purchase date ( see the Pricelist / Guarantees ).

The DryPol® System is a verified, safe, quick and affordable way to dry housing ...