Written warranty on full financial compensation if the guaranteed reduction in damp in the brickwork is not achieved within 3 years of using the DryPol® system from the data of installation


Damp brickwork, i.e. rising damp, is one of the most insidious problems that affect buildings, regardless of their age. Damp rising into brickwork is one of the most common problems faced by property owners. Although it is a natural process, capillary rising damp causes considerable damage to buildings and sooner or later we realise that our damp problem needs to be dealt with, particularly in older buildings.


Rising damp most frequently occurs in the brickwork of older buildings which have been inadequately dampproofed, in buildings where the existing dampproofing no longer works, and in buildings which have not been insulated at all to prevent damp rising into the brickwork.


Whatever the case as regards dampproofing, it may be said that in the nineteenth and early twentieth century there was no technology able to prevent damp rising into brickwork for any length of time – obviously, every property owner wishes that there were no damp at all in their brickwork, and this was just as true in the past as it is today. Nowadays we can at least partially prevent damp rising up into buildings, although one could say that the overwhelming majority of buildings more than thirty years old are affected by rising damp in their brickwork.